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Landmark Division

Construction Management Services

LandMark Development Properties, LLC has a team of professionals to provide exceptional Construction Management Services. Our uncompromising workmanship philosophy, a skilled and knowledgeable staff, and a dedication to quality construction services has resulted in both enduring architecture and a standard of construction which ensures real estate buyers of an appreciating value in their investment for years to come.

Our team serves as a General Contractor for major construction, land development, and renovation projects. Our team of licensed professionals has been assembled to meet all your architectural, engineering, local zoning, building construction and interior design needs. We employ skilled tradesmen needed to complete your project and our system of consolidated services from one source reduces the number of subcontractors required for typical construction projects. This results in better scheduling, coordination of trades, and better communication between the owner, design professional, and the contractor. As a result, the customer is an integral part of the project team.

Our way of doing business provides our customer with benefits that include:

  • Better coordination of the project
  • High quality work
  • Substantial reduction in cost

We identify your goals and meet your expectations. Then, we will provide you with an overview of your building needs, including details of all project costs. If specifications or requirements for your project change, we will provide an updated estimate fast, thereby avoiding conflicts that can arise over unauthorized work.

Ask Our Customers About Us

Don´t just take our word for it. We will be glad to provide you with a list of satisfied customers. To find out more about our services, call us at 208.745.0070 or 208.745.7099.

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